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Southern Senpai's AOT ep 88 Review

Published on: 16th July, 2023

Do you love Attack on Titan? Then you need to tune in to the Southern Senpai's show. Where the hosts spill the tea on the movie adaptation of the epic anime. They dish on how it stacks up to the TV show, and whether they prefer it in Japanese or English. They also dive deep into the plot, the characters, and the themes of this dark and thrilling story. You’ll hear them rave about the scary Titans, the awesome characters, and the romance and drama in a world where anything can happen. They also give you the scoop on Armin and Ann, two of the most interesting characters in the series, and their twisted relationship. Join them as they laugh and get fired up about the world of Attack on Titan.


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What's going on guys? This is Southern two Southern guys exploring Japanese culture. My name is Nicholas, I'm DJ. And today we're going to be reviewing the Attack on Titan movie episode 88 the 80.

Well, I mean, it's kind of like a movie an hour long.

Yeah, I mean, well, I mean, it's part one but the, the issue is that in America we're so used to having hour long TV shows.

It's like, oh, an hour, it's not like a movie to me, right?

It's no longer, it's no longer a movie. If it's not like Lord of the Rings, it's not, it's not a movie, right?

Although I will say this, it's like Attack On Titan has so much hype around it. That. It basically feels like a movie.

Yeah. II, I mean, I myself didn't understand the hype of it for years and years. I mean, I've talked about it in a podcast before but now it's like, oh no, dude, this is, this is, this is the shit, man. And this is not my usual type of anime that I like to watch. And I was like, oh no, but this is dope though.

Like I like plus this rumbling intro, like I wasn't, dude, it mean we're about to get into the episode. But I, I was missing that the rumbling the intro is, is, is awesome. It's so great to listen to. I listen to it while I'm working out. Actually.

Don't you think it's great that the last season is the best intro?

Yeah, it feels fitting, right?

It's like, I mean, the first season would have been cool, but like the last season, it's the best intro. Like it won a whole bunch of awards and everything.

You're just like, like you said, you're like, I work out to this intro, like the first one is iconic unto himself, but it's, I feel like the first intro is iconic because the show is iconic.

Not because the, the song itself, it's like a, it's like Bluebird with Naruto.

You just listen to it if you want, everybody knows that, that song.

Right. Exactly. Yeah. But anyway, well, we're gonna go ahead and ju just jump right into the movie review. So as it starts, the movie starts out, we see why the little kid was stealing money. You know, if it, if it wasn't already obvious, it's not only to help out his own family, but it's to help out everybody's family village there. They're because they're like, nobody gives a shit about them.

And then I will say when we watched this, there was not an English dub. So we saw, we saw does not like that.

I don't, I don't, I don't like sub, not only because I'm lazy, but also because I don't want to read.

Yeah, he doesn't, he doesn't, he is from Louisiana.

You know, we're ranked 48th in education for a reason, man.

Well, and I like II I it's weird that people argue like are dubbed or subbed and they're like, does it really matter?

I mean, to be fair, the one thing to the purist it does matter.

People are like, oh no, you know, it's got to be subbed, you know, you got to appreciate the talents and the blah, blah, blah.

Well, some doves do something like they are vocally lazy compared to some of the subs though.

Oh, no, I definitely agree. Like I, like we were talking about Naruto. I've watched it subbed and yeah, I think it's a little better. Yeah. But also at the same time I grew up listening to the dub. So, you know, you do.

And then in very rare instances is the dub good or better than the sub? Like, in my, like, in my opinion, Dre is better dubbed. All right.

I know that's, do you think it's nostalgia or is it just ain't no way if you listen to, like, maybe the voice actor for free is better in the subbed.

But like, I, I don't know, like the voices are just too high in sub like Goku and Vegeta voices. They're just too high for me. They don't sound like guys, you know what I'm saying? They don't sound like men.

They don't sound like what we think is guys and men. But maybe that's, you know what I mean? But these dudes look a little girly man fucking got girly voices. Like, is that offensive?

I mean, I'm just saying that, you know, because there's a, there's a, there's a, a female playing him and it's like you can hear it though, right? It's not like she's playing a child if she was playing a child because most, most child males are played by voice acted by women, right?

The, the the lady that, that voices Ash Ketchum in Pokemon. That, that, that's a lady. Yeah, I didn't know that for the longest time though.

Yeah, that's like a universal thing. Most women will voice like male Children, but she also voices like a man. So what I'm saying? And then plus because Goku is like, where the is like, like, like they say, she has like, this deep voice. We're getting off track here.

We're ad d off track.

But they, they didn't have the rumbling intro in this.

Right. No. Well, I don't know why. Maybe they cut it for time.

Maybe they ii, I hope it was for time because, like we just said, it's awesome.

Yeah. I, I mean, but anyway, so, like I was saying, this kid is stealing money to help everybody his own family. Everybody, because nobody gives a shit about these people like they're, and he's missing a hand and he's Yeah, and he's dude, he's missing a hand.

They, they treat Children so bad in this like in anime, dude, they took that happening in Japan where it's OK to beat the dog shit out of.

It's not just this series like a lot of like some, it would be some random like men and there'll be some ten-year-old who's like, I just want to be the best soccer player and then this 40 year old will come and just like deck them in the face for like no reason.

You'll never do it.

You'll never do it. Can give me your money. Wow.

I'm like people rob Children and seven years old relax.

That's so common for them to be so harsh.

The Children smoke a cigarette, drink a coffee.

Chill, man. Relax, dude.

Like right with you.

But, and then also what we've noticed in part one is everybody has fucked around with the audience and now they're about to find out and now it's time to find out the fucking villagers are running and shit like that.

And they're like, oh what are you running from?

I don't know if you not see those, bro, they're like walking. And then how jacked are they?

Do they, do they all have like 25 with the colossal titans?

Yeah, They are really ripped for some reason. I'm like, wondering if that's because of, like, you know, I want to say that's because they're just Titans but not like the beast. Titan had a gut. So, I'm like, why are these guys so fit?

Yeah. Yeah. They also don't have any skin too. Like, that's fair.

That's fair. But, like, you could still, like, have fat and I have skin. Right.

I don't know, I don't know how biology works. I'm not a, I'm not a biologist or a medical professional but anyway, what's happened is everybody's fucked around and they're finding out right now, like, do, and they're not even doing anything.

What are they gonna do?

Would, like, I mean, like, I mean, like the Titans, they're not doing all they're doing is walking. Yeah.

And they're wrecking everything just by walking.

That's walking, that's all they're doing. And then so, I mean, also at the same time, I understand why I understand why he didn't help that little kid. Like, I didn't, I didn't understand.

At first I was like, bro, you're just letting this dude get murdered by these fucking grown four grown ass men that are these four guys just jumped this kid in the, in a dark alley like it was about to be batman or something.

I was like, dude, what is happening?

But, and he was, they were just like, hey, kid, this is none of your business and he's like, yep, you're right. I'm gonna walk away and I was like, bro, yeah, but then at the same time, I was just like, I mean, he knows he's gonna kill these people. He's gonna kill all these people.

Like, like he looks around at these because you see in the future he looks around these people. He's like, you're dead, you're dead. You see some pregnant lady, he's like, wasn't even worth it. All that effort will be because I'm about to decimate this.

Oh no, baby. He's like, yeah, the baby's not gonna make it unfortunately. That's really it.

But like, yeah, but I mean, I think that's why he's like crying when he only sees the kid, dude, the man had a full on mental breakdown with the kid that got his ass kicked.

Oh my gosh. Like and he's sitting there just crying just full on mental breakdown, crying.

We have seen Aaron be such a stoic and like bad ass for so long. I think I was like, this guy has feelings. That's weird. That's weird, dude.

It was, he reminds me, Aaron reminds me of he from Gundam Wink. Oh, yeah. Yeah, because he's all, he's so stoic and he's like, you know, because in gun to wing he's just like, you know, if you come against me again, I'll kill you and then he rips it up. But, yeah.

So you think like, oh, Aaron's like this cool guy, dude?

But it seems like he's like it feels like no, he's been holding on.

He's been suppressing dude. He has a full-on mental breakdown. It's just like, oh my God, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. And the kids like, what are you, what are you talking about?

What are you doing? And then this also makes it makes sense the previous episode in 87 we were like, oh is he crying?

I don't really know why he's, he's doing that like, yeah, but now it makes sense crying to this random kid for Yeah.

But no, yeah, I was you sit there and you're like, oh damn dude, this man's actually this man's actually got feelings bawling his. I know. And then this man, ok. So one of the things that I did not understand. So we were talking about how the titans aren't doing anything.

It's not like they're punching or they got any powers or they're just stepping and they're, and they're also like putting out a heat but not like on purpose.

What was going on with that kid that he was worried about the money.

Well, the titans were coming yo, I mean, I think part of it is because like, you know, their whole life is built on and survival, right? Their whole life but to survive, they need this money. Like you have to think about like this, like their whole country is wiped out by alien, right?

They're kind of like living in the forest because of this. So it doesn't really matter where they go, they know they're gonna be refugees, right? And so the money is like such a big deal to them. But is it bigger than your life, bro?

I don't know about, that's what I'm saying.

I know about that, bro. I don't know if I can sign off on Titan.

He's coming right there. You get killed.

Oh my God.

I seen them kids get me and they, they weren't shy about showing this dude gets his head stomped out.

Oh my gosh, they do. They exploded. That was wild and there's nothing more than just like a, a, like, like, like on a, on a, on a mat. It was crazy.

But, and then also, so it goes back to it goes back to what's that little kid that that wakes up like they fast forward, the little kid wakes up.

Oh, you're talking about oh, you're talking about the kid who he's a jaw. Titan, right?

So he wakes up, right.

So, if you fast forward a little bit, how am I blanking on his name?

I forget the dude's name, but you're blanking whatever he wakes up and they're all, they're just like, oh, yeah, by the way, like, everyone's dead, everyone's dead.

Like, they're all, they're all dead. Yeah, he starts, he starts crying. There's a lot of crying in this episode. Right. No, but it's not, not if it doesn't feel like it's not deserved though to be fair. But like, like, yeah, you know, they're all dead. We're on a boat heading to had to go try to stop Aaron. But like the people we were trying to save and they, they're already gone. We're trying to save the rest of the people.

We're not trying to save humanity. We're trying to save our humanity, right? Basically. But also on the, on a more important note is Ann trying to get the almond pipe man.

It, it seems like it, it's, it was weird because he was like she was like, oh, I want you to like to sit next to me and they start talking and then she was like, oh, I didn't know that you liked me and I'm like, yo, if you were awake that whole time, no one just goes and talks to a piece of ice for, for years, for years.


What do you think? Because like, oh, this crystal is so interesting. Like, come on you're kind of oblivious and then she's like, oh, well, you know, I kinda like you too. And I thought about this. I was like, they both admit that they like each other but they're like virgins. Right.

Well, they're, they're like, aw, they're like, awkward teenagers, like, right.

Like, that's, I think I've said this on the podcast before. Like, this is, this is kind of like, back home. Ok. So football, back home is like a huge, gigantic deal. College football, right?

C is the only one worth watching.

So sec football, like, especially LSU, right? People forget that the, the kids they're talking about are 18 to 21 year olds.

They are, they, your brain is not male, I don't think like the male brains fully developed, they're like, like 25 25 46.


And then for women it's like 23 24 which is why teenage guys seem stupid to most of them.

Well, yeah, I mean, the study shows that at an age, like, say I say I'm 31. Right? Well, a same girl, my age is going to have the emotional maturity of like a 35 year old, like mentally and then I'll have, you know, four years before that mental maturity typically on the scale.

But it's the same thing. It's the same thing for this to each other. Very awkward. But at the same time, like, I know we're watching this anime and we're sitting there, like, oh, my God, this is all so traumatic. But these are teenagers.

Yeah, they have all this PTSD armor. Like, oh, people call me a nice guy. I've murdered, like, women and Children and, like, tons of people. He's like, he, he was like, he nuked so much of, what was it, Marley. Right. Yeah.

And he was, like, every time I transform a nuclear bomb pretty much goes off.

Yeah. Which is weird because with it was like, did that happen every time? Remember because he, he transformed on the top of the wall and it wasn't a nuke that went off. So I'm like, is this part of just Armand's ability or?

You know what I'm saying? I think, I think it's just Armand's ability. Like, I think that's just kind of how they had it. Like, that's one of his, that's one of his special, special abilities.

That, that, that's a wild thing to, I'm glad they figure that out because imagine they're like inside they like at home, like, all right, use your powers. Go ahead and just transform it.

Went out. Imagine they didn't figure it out on the ship and they just destroy the ship. They're like, well, that's the anime attack on Titan.

They just all died the most unsatisfying ending in all of anime history.

But, and then also do we, I, I know I've probably talked about this in the past but like the girls be damn bad on this show.

They really do and they're really for me, I mean, we've already talked about how she just, she just thriving for the pipe and we're gonna talk more about it because this episode is basically Mica's journey to get closer to her.

I don't care if you're trying to destroy the world.

As long as I get the pipe in the process, he's a skeleton, Mika.

So let it go. He doesn't have it. It's gone. All right. What you want is not even there anymore.

But I mean, one of the things that I kind of understand about it is is the fact that they are teenagers and you know how horny we were when we were teenagers also, death makes people horny dude.

Like, well, I mean, I think, I think that it's the fact that there's death around every corner because it's like, you know, what else are you gonna do?

Like, like you're about to die. You might as well. I think that's why they have this little, yeah, their virgins. They're having this little flirtatious moment anyway. It's like, what else are you gonna do? They'll do everything but actually satisfy themselves. They don't even, it's weird because they don't know what to do.

I thought that I thought that Armin and Annie were at least gonna have some like moment where they might kiss or something like that. But that didn't happen. It didn't happen with Mika. And Aaron, when Aaron told me I was like, oh, hey, like, what's up? Remember?

He said that he was like, oh, what are we to each other?

Right. Like you want to do something? She's like, oh, you're my brother. He's like, that's weird. So, I guess you've ruined everything and I guess I had to kill everybody. Now.

You won't give me, no, you won't give me. No. no puss. So I guess I gotta destroy the world.

But then at the same time it's, yeah.

But yeah, but yeah, so then they get to the island.

Well, and then also the thing is we have to talk about, here's the crazy part. We just talked about how down bad Mika is. She's the most down bad chick in the series. And she literally says I won't kill Aaron to save the world. She wants to pipe that bad.

Yeah. Like she's, she refuses, she refuses to kill Aaron. Did she? I think she did she say it when she gets it?

I, yeah, I think, yeah, I think she, but one of the things I also really like about this anime show, this anime series Attack on Titan is the way that they portray female characters.


They're very strong, very strong female characters because the thing is, is, it's like they're regular people and they just happen to be women like they're strong, they're, you know, they, they, they don't really play to a lot of like tropes, there's not a lot of fan service, you know what I'm saying?

It's just like, just straight up care because it's not that type of show anyway.

But, and then also the thing, what, tell me what you think. Ok. Do you think that Armin was putting his duty over Ann or you think he was just on some soy boy stuff?

I think he's just a soy boy. Arm has always been a soy boy.

That's why he got punched in the face when that's why he got rocked by Aaron and he's like, oh, you think shit's sweet, right?

That's what, you know, he's never been the and this, it's weird. It's like he's supposed to be like the Ron of the group, right? You know what I saying? Like in Harry Potter terms, he's like the, but even Ron and Harry Potter was like, had more balls in this. He's just so soft dude. And plus, you know, to be fair, Aaron is also, right.

You know what I'm saying? Like I like the way he's doing. This is correct. Like, I mean, he, he, they got put into a box, you know what I'm saying? Like, you know, there's the, it's either they kill themselves or they kill everybody else and he's like, OK, well, I don't want to kill us, you know what I'm saying?

Yeah, I also think on this, I think we forget that these are still people, like all the crazy shit that's going down. but I do think the series does a great job of, like, humanizing everyone and giving them, like personalities. Like before, before hinge hinge goes and, like, you know, out in a blaze of glory. She was like, you know what? I really like Titans. I'd like to get to know, know you more and, like, touch your skin and the girls like, yeah, this is weird. I'm not doing this.

Yeah. They still have a really good character moments. Are you really good? Which fricking fricking Mikasa for some reason catches on by a glance that Annie likes Armin and she's like, oh my gosh, when does that happen? I'm like, seriously you get from a glance that, oh that she likes him but you can't take a hint like what is happening here?

I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't get it. I don't understand. It's like, how, how did you catch that?

Like oblivious person?

Are you that down bad? Like you could just see it.

She has down bad senses.

She just got down. I can tell when other people want to fuck each other because I wanna fuck so bad. I can tell. But also how did flock hang on for so long?

I don't know.

That was one part like I will say this like normally animes are really good at explaining things in such depth, but it feels like it was something that was tacked on for, like, to build up the energy or something like that.

Right. Because it's like, oh, because if, because if he didn't shoot out the plane, I guess that they would have just got away without intensifying, like, oh, in the story.


It seems like it's just done for that because he's fell into the side of the boat. But you're implying that he, like clung to the side of the boat over the ocean. So what do you, so like the island that they, so they island they're from is like, I'm pretty sure it is an all for Japan. So really, they're going from like, what to, from Japan to like, let's say like China, like they like, you know, I mean, it's not trying to in the in the series, but that's about the ocean.

That's, that's like the, the distance, right? He just clung to the out and then he gets up and then walks, just walks up and starts shooting people. He doesn't, first of all, he waits till he's like at the back of the warehouse before he turns around and starts to shoot. Yeah, I'm not really sure but how he did that.

But didn't you say that? Like the difference between American anime and Japanese anime is like American anime is like planned out over an American animation?


Well, the way Japanese anime, it's like just every week you just, yeah, like apparently in Japan they are done because it's like, they have, like, shown and jump.

Right. And it's like a weekly thing. Right. So, it's like, as long as you get it done every single week, you know, you just say new. They, they have arcs, right. They, they do have arcs that they think about, but it's really more about the week to week success than it is about the completing the art compared to an American animation and television where it's like, ok, we have a season is like your season can still get canceled halfway through, right?

But very likely that they're like, ok, we're trying to make it to the end of the season compared to over there, which apparently they just be like, oh no, your viewership dropped like, you know, we just cut you off like, yeah, but also if I can go back to for a second, how bad ass was that going out?

Like in a blaze of glory like that.

Like, I was confused on how she was gonna slow him down in the first place, but just making them trip over each other like that.

That was, that was absolute genius move, but also more badass than hus Levi. This man has literally watched every single person he has possibly cared about die and die in a like not in a way like in a, in a terrible like, oh, I like in a pathetic way kind of and this man has been cut to pieces.

The man, you know, his face is jacked up like this man is Frank and this man is still going, which also gives you all the more reason why Anne has no, no excuse for being like, yeah, my dad's dad probably so I don't want to do this.

Yeah, she was pushing everyone else to go so hard, right? She was like, oh you have to go, you got to survive because you know we have to fight because da da da da and as soon as she realizes that her dad not that she knows for sure but that he might be dead. She's like, oh OK, I'm just gonna turn around. I believe they even let her do that.

Oh no, I would have been like no, like are you serious?

You the female Titan?

If you don't get on this fucking plane, I will have somebody eat you, right.

You know what I'm saying? You need to take your power just, just, just, you know, you wanna die. Sounds like a plan. Let's get somebody to replace you.

Right. Right. OK. Fine.

You can leave but you, you're not leaving with that Titan and to be fair, Mika would have done it.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean she'll do anything but kill Aaron.

She definitely, she would have done it but also all props to them.

They haven't killed the black dude yet.

Yeah, I as a black guy myself. I'm very surprised I was like, oh OK, this is, he's gonna sacrifice himself sometime.

No, he, like he hanging in there, man.

Like this dude, they haven't killed the black dude.

Oh my gosh. Leave it, leave it to anime to make a, make a black guy survive almost all the way to, I mean, I don't know how it ends, but it's supposed to be like a horror show, kind of. Right. Right. He's surviving in horror for so long.

He's really putting up points, you know. black people really don't have the best track record when it comes to surviving horror.


But I also going back to going back to hunch. I, I was kind of confused like, once she did, like, die, I didn't know if she actually died because you remember she, like wakes up and, oh, and all the footprints, right.

And I was like, maybe it's not affected by the L DNS or so she got trampled and then, and then I think you see like, oh, wait, no, she's with a whole bunch of black people.


She's, she's, she's definitely dead.

Which makes me like that ground is interesting because it all looks like the colossal Titans footprints. It's like, are there colossal Titans in heaven?

That doesn't seem like it doesn't, that's kind of messed up, isn't it?

I like that kind of jacked up.

But also this is one question I would ask you and I think we touched on, I touched on it a little bit before. so the guy wakes up way back when, and they're like, yeah, pretty much half the earth is trampled right now. Or most of it. What are they saving at this point?

They're saving themselves, man, like they really have.


kind of like what happened in:

y in general and like, forget:

Because that happened just recently in France.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah, dude. Do you know that was over raising the retirement age by two years? Two years. Yeah. Yeah. They basically, I will tell you this, the French, they are very effective at taking down other French governments. The only French government, I guess you can't make friends with the French anymore. No, man, they, they're, they're too bad ass to themselves.

But, but no, what happens is you, you see it all throughout history when, you'll, you'll be some larger group that is punishing some smaller group and takes it too far consistently. Right. And then what happens as soon as they start to fight back? Oh, they're the bad guys, right. They're, they're the bad guys because now they're trying to use force just like they were previously using force.

You were torturing us, you were spit, they were, they were torturing these ns, they were turning them into Titans, they were spinning on them, they were calling them pieces of shit even though it's their lineage that basically made the developed world, right? It's like cause they lost one. Think about how many countries have lost wars before, right?

I mean, I mean, Ame America doesn't really have a check or anything like that. But most like there's a lot of there's a lot of countries right that are formed and made all throughout history. They lose once and all of a sudden these, all of the Ellis, whether they have anything to do with it or not, are evil and devils and stuff like that. So then you know, you put them in this corner where you're going to just wipe them all out even though they haven't attacked Marley in centuries, right?

All they do is just exist on this island and they still just want to wipe them out for like no reason basically. And so then it's like, well Aaron is like, ok, well, we try to do stuff, the peace away. I'm gonna fight back and all of a sudden he's the bad guy for, you know, fighting back.

Well, yeah, I think, I think you, I agree with you when you were basically saying they're saving, they're not saving anybody but themselves, they're saving, not the rest of humanity, they're saving their own humanity, right?

They're saying like, oh if I let Aaron do this, I'm gonna feel bad but feel bad for what? Feel bad for what, what are you even talking about?

Yeah, but I mean we were also, I would also sit there and say they were sitting there like, OK, well, if Aaron has this, this much power, why does he keep letting us use our titan powers? Like I mean, if the dude is that powerful and he can do that much, why is he? Why is he?

And that's why they were like, well, maybe he wants us to try and like, yeah, but that's why Aaron's, that's why Aaron's a goat man.

He just appeared and he was like, oh yeah. I don't really care like, like I'm not trying to enslave aliens. Y'all can do what y'all want to do but this little plan y'all got about coming to talk to me and like telling to chill out that's not gonna work. I'm I've been letting you know like you either you put up your hands to try to stop me. What? Good luck with that shit or you stay out of my way.

I know you're coming to talk to me. Yeah.

He's like, you know what? Here's the thing don't. There is no need to talk. There is no need to try to convince me with anything. You wanna stop me, you're gonna have to kill me just like everybody else.

And then who, but who Mika is so damn bad here. The pipe sense was going off.

He Aaron says he, he's mad evil. He's not gonna, you can't talk him out of it and she's like just let us carry the burden with you.

No, no, he's so damn bad pipe sense going off.

I don't care about the rest of the world. Let me help you. This man is murdered half the world, if not three quarters of it.

Well, I think, I think he's murdered all of Marley, hasn't he?

But they were talking about like how he trampled all the other places.

Well, actually, no, you're right.

They said he's murdered all these other countries already and we finally get there in the plane, right?

We finally get there finally. Finally. What did you, how did you think about the end of the episode? And what did you think?

I like? It's kind of a, it's kind of a blue ball, isn't it? Because he just like, cause they get there and like, finally we've made it to Aaron and it just cuts off basically. I mean, well, Levi well, not Levi. yeah, Levi is, everybody's there. Levi wants to kill the beast Titan again. Right.

But it's like, well, round two, man, we don't actually see if that's Zeke in there.

I mean, this guy, I mean, he came out of Zeke seems just a material realize next to the skeleton on top of skeleton. We don't know if that's actually him.

My thing is, is I like the end of the episode. So I personally like the ending of the episode because normally on animes or shows in general, what they would have ended it off on is just them flying off into the sky to go meet Aaron.

But you like the fact that at least they just went there, they got there, they actually met Aaron. I mean, I guess it's a better cliffhanger, right?

It wasn't like, OK, you know, in the next episode, you know, they'll meet Aaron Dragon ball Z, right? We actually met Aaron and he's like, what's up, man?

This, we ain't talking like right now it's now, now it's time to get down to business.

And I like also like the fact that part two is dedicated completely to the meeting Aaron fighting a to the climax, to the climax.

I mean, this series has a famous history of taking this giant breaks anyway. So I imagine that this ending is gonna be in, I will, I will say this if we watch the second part and it's like, oh, there's gonna be a part three. I'm gonna be mad. I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna be pretty upset. Actually, I'm like, that's enough with the bullshit like this. Yeah. Yeah.

Supposedly the ending for, I mean, I haven't, I haven't read the manga but I was about to say, isn't it already ended in the manga?


But apparently it's gonna be different in the anime. So it doesn't really matter. It's true. Yeah. It doesn't really matter if they, if you know what the ending is or not in the manga, apparently it's gonna be different. So, I don't know why I heard it. I read in some article that he was, like, the fans weren't, like, happy with it and then he was like, oh, sorry.

And I'm just like, now I kind of don't want to read it the manga just so I, like, I, because I've been watching it from the anime's perspective. Right? So, I feel like if I read the manga and it's like, oh, that's what he's gonna do. It'll still make me look at the anime a different way like he is.

If he, he's, I'm expecting him to do that, you know, maybe that's the difference between, Japanese artists and American artists because everybody hated the last season of Game of Thrones.

Like, absolutely hated it and the writers, they were like, we don't care. And the writers were like, I don't give a fuck it.

Go direct Star Wars and then they didn't direct Star Wars.

And the, the, and I, I've talked to you this about this like Game of Thrones could have been like top tier.

It could have time of all time shows.

I say, I say this again and again, there's so many great shows that fail at the end. So the rest of it does not matter. It's jacked up. But it's true. The only two parts of your show that truly like everything is about the ending. You don't tell stories to be like, oh, hey, when, once, you know, once upon a time I went into the woods and I'm like, well, what, you know what, you know what I mean?

To be fair, the, the quality had gone down in like the last couple of seasons, but you could have still saved it. Starbucks.

They said the Starbucks Cup, you know, while people, like, you still could have saved it though, like you still could have like, and to be fair, I think that a part of it is coming from a part, a part of it is like, since they knew that since they, they knew that they'd be directing Star Wars, they're like, oh, we're gonna try to hurry this up. But that doesn't matter. You know what I'm saying? Like you got that job.

Well, that they eventually got fired from before they even started, they got that job based on their attention on Game of Thrones.

And they were like, we're not letting you do that to Star Wars even though you can't do any worse with not like going on there.

I like Star War was any better. Right. But, yeah, it's, it's, it's wild to me how some American creators don't care as much or it's like they're just, they double down. Yeah. And they doubled down on it.

They were like, because everybody was like, hey, listen, man, the actors didn't like the ending. The nobody liked the ending. And what did the writers say? They were like, well, you know what you got to do as a writer is, you gotta be OK with the ending, not what the show is not made for you.

It's made for the audience.

Like, like at some point it's kind of like, you know, if you become a public persona, like, you know, like you no longer yourself, like if you're like Tom Cruise or if you're like, you know, Tom Hanks or anybody other Tom You now are a public figure and in a sense kind of lose some of your personhood. Yeah, dude. Like, and you are no longer yourself, you are shared with, with everybody. You can have your own personal self.

But, and plus your image, if you, if you write and you create stuff just to please yourself, that's called narcissism.

Right. Right. You're not actually doing it because you're a good person. Or, or like this is what you like to do. Like, you're a narcissist, you're a narcissist. You just write. If you just, if you want to make shows just to make yourself happy, then why are you, why are you doing this? Why aren't you just write in your journal and just be cool with that?

I don't under one of the things I didn't understand is why didn't you just give us the end? We want it like, ok, fine, the show's quality went down but like you still could have ended it really strong. But I mean, here we are talking about a attack on now. We're talking about Game of Thrones. Yeah.

But still, I think that's why it's, that's why it still has so much attention to it is because the creator is responding to the audience and saying, oh, OK, you didn't like this. I'm going to try to make it better and that's, that's just completely unearthed. I think the only time we've really heard of that in America is like, was Sonic, you know, so it looked bad. Something that changed a good, although I'm pretty sure that was a marketing stunt that work by charm.

But when his studios ever listened to the general public, never, never.

So my gosh, but yeah, regardless of which it's a way better cliffhanger I think so.

Yeah. But, all right guys. Well, listen, that was attack on Titan episode 88 episode 88 part one.

As soon as part two comes out, we will definitely drop that episode and we'll, we'll also have another watch along if you haven't heard our previous two episodes.

The first one is reviewing episode 87 and we watched in preparation for this one And then the episode two for us is the watch along. We also do watch alongs outside of just making our views and stuff like that.

But awesome. Well, thank you very much guys for following along. You know, follow us on all socials and we'll see you next time.

All right, see you next time.

This has been Southern Sin Pies on Comic Con Radio. Check out our previous episodes at Comic Con radio dot com. You can follow the show at Southern Sin Pies on all major social media platforms. Tune in next Wednesday for a fresh episode. Y'all come back now. You here.

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Signing out from another amazing episode of Comic Con Radio radio. Go to Comic Con dash radio dot com. Reach us on social media, Instagram, Comic Con Radio, Comic Con Radio, taking the world to one listener at a time.

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